Cris Kringle
Cris Kringle:(5-26-03)

Pure Holsteiner Stallion, Reg. with the German Oldenburg Verband. We searched for a solid year to find a high quality colt
with this remarkable combination of bloodlines! New to the Northwest from Ontario, Canada. Cris embodies his bloodlines
as he has wonderful suspension, extension, impulsion, and precise, cat-like agility. Lateral movement is cake for Cris, and
has naturally collected movement with great reach from behind. He stands a bit over 16.0h.

Click on the blue link below this description box to view Cris's awesome 5 generation pedigree, which is accompanied by
pictures of some of the famous horses in his bloodlines.  Not only are Cris's bloodlines incredible, but he is the complete
package who is incredibly light and floating in his gaits, kindhearted, very intelligent, quiet disposition, and tries so hard to
please! Even better yet, he is an
*improvement sire*,  as he stamps all his conformation and movement attributes onto his
foals, regardless of the mare he is bred to.

Landgraf I, who shows up in both his sire's and his dam's bloodlines, is considered to be the "Stallion of the Century" for the
entire world. His get have earned more money than any other stallion in history of any breed. You will find Landgraf I
behind more winning Olympic competitors than any other stallion worldwide. Landgraf 's impact on the world of jumping
was phenomenal, but his offspring are turning some heads in the dressage world as well. You will also find other major
greats like Cor De La Bryere, Matador, Furioso, Furioso II, Calypso II, Koenigspark,  Aldato, Cottage Son, Heidelberg, and
Fantast in the bloodlines of nearly every high scoring warmblood stallion in Europe, from Hanoverians, to Oldenburgs.
Check out all the extended pedigrees of all the warmbloods you can; the greatness was established through the crossing of
these Holsteiner bloodlines.
 Cris's bloodlines rival that of the #1 Holsteiner stallion in the U.S. "Riverman", and why is that?  It is because few, if any
Holsteiner  stallions in the USA have so many of the world famous Holsteiner horses all combined into one horse!!  It is
common to find a Hol stallion with one of the "greats" in their bloodlines, but almost never have so many been combined in
one horse.  The veterinarian team in Canada that I bought him from, clearly knew what they were doing with this fantastic

Cris is a real gentleman to ride and to handle.  His colored foals will be the beginning of a new era in International
Competition quality Appaloosa Sport Horses!  We are very excited to consider Cris's bloodlines with some additional color
that will get everyone's attention at the shows. Cris is now looking like he is color recessive, since he produces the color of the
mare- even on our loud Appy mares- while stamping his own conformation, height, movement, and sweet disposition.
Because he is a stallion that is "stamping" his foals, he is clearly an * improvement sire * that also lets you retain the color of
your mare! I find his attributes to be a miracle, considering our color breeding goals with him. I hope you will consider Cris
for your best mares, as he is certain to please even the most discriminating of breeders. I have yet to catch Cris in full
elevation/extension in a photo, thanks to the delay in digital cameras, but his movement can literally take your breath
away!! He is a jaw dropping mover! Can you tell we just LOVE him? ;(
2011 Breeding Fee:  
$1,000 live cover. LFG,
multiple mare discount,
repeated breedings with us
will be offered a "return
business" discount also.
Pre-payments and trades

We offer a one time  
reduced fee for sporthorse
type Reg. Appaloosa
mares of $600.  We
may be
offering  frozen semen for
shipment in 201
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Three years old
Three years old
7 years old
7 Years old
Three years old
Don't forget to check out the pics of his foals- 2
pages of them!! Click on the link to "Cris's
Foals" at the top of this page.