Cris's Foals
CALISTO:(above) '06 Hol/TB colt owned by
eventer, Kris Gordon, of Salem, OR. Pictured here at 3
months old.
"MEGA Mover"
Hol/Appy colt out of
a sorrel Appy mare
marked similarly to
Crissal, "LC Magic
Moment". This colt
was beating large
classes in hand in
New York, only
being beaten by
another of his 1/2
sisters, that was a
Hol/Appy filly by
Cris that we bred,
named Chianti.  He
was then started u/s
and into dressage
and was sold to
another lady where
she reported "he is
the toast of the
barn!"  We would
love to catch up with
him and find out
how he is doing
these days, as he
was definitely an
upper level dressage
candidate. Pictured
here as a weanling.
Chamberlain:(above) '07 Hol/Trakehner colt out
of Tygress.  Built like Landgraf.  Sold to Brandy
Richenberg of the Seattle area, who worked with a Grand
Prix dressage trainer that just loves him.  Chamberlain
was an upper level dressage candidate.
Cristianna(above): '07 Hol/TB filly out of Phone Me
Up. Such a sparky, awesome little jumper!  This girl was
upper level material for both dressage AND jumping. At 5
months old, she used to jump our 4x5 round bales for fun!  
Owned by dressage/eventing trainer/and riding instructor,
Amber Luce, of the Seattle area who says she just loves this
Cran:'07 Hol/Appy colt. Full brother to Crissal. I would
like to locate this colt.  He had been sold to Kemberly in
Wenatchee, WA.  Cran is french for "Gutsy or brave.  He
was very athletic and kind, just like his brother.
Chocolatier:'08(renamed and Reg. with RPSI as
"Chisum") '08 Reg. Hol/Trak colt out of Tygress.  Full
brother to Chamberlain, owned by Jennifer Shuck of ID.  
Upper level dressage candidate.
Calabria:'07 bay near leopard Hol/Appy filly out of
"Hawk's Foxy Eyeopener".  Lost this filly at 5 days because
of lack of lung development- tragic loss. Full sister to Caruso.
Caruso: '08 red leopard gelding.  Upper
level dressage candidate-awesome "light as
a feather" mover-pictured here at 2 years
CRISTAL:Late '07 Hol/Appy Filly out of "Zany's
Doubletake". Black and white filly almost marked identically
to her dam.  As you can see, nearly every Cris foal has it's
dam's color-almost identically marked also. All around
type, likes to jump-also very brave and kind-awesome filly!
Chimsique("Shimseek"French for
Late '07 solid seal bay Hol/Appy filly out of
"Patty Peppermint".  Patty always threw solid bay foals, so I
guess that's what is in her genes, especially if she didn't
reproduce her color with Cris. Another incredible moving
and jumping filly.
Crispin:'08 Hol/Trak/Friesian chestnut colt, out of our
Reg. FHHSI mare, "Holaday Ginger".  Upper level dressage
candidate sold to dressage/jumping trainer, Connemara in
Spokane, WA.
Celebration Dance: '09 Hol/TB sorrel
colt out of our TB mare,Casa Dancer.
Upper level dressage candidate, owned
by Nina Olsen.
Chamonix: 2010 Hol/Trak filly out of Tygress.  
Full sister to Chamberlain and Chocolatier. Bloodlines
from the Trak side include Rubin, Flaneur, Maharadscha
Chianti:'08 Hol/Appy filly out of Star Lit Dancer. this filly
beat large classes of pure warmbloods in hand.  Extraordinary
superstar mover.  Grand Prix or better quality dressage type mover.
 Owned by dressage trainer, Lisa Holly, of Bend, OR
Caparielli:'09 Hol/Appy colt out of "Plenty of April
Love", bred and owned by Rosalyn Rasching.  Gorgeous
upper level dressage candidate.
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