Cris Kringle's Foals,  p.2
CHELLAINE: '09 Hol/Appy filly out of Zany's
Doubletake. Pictured here as a phenomenal yearling playing
with her inner tube toy.  This filly's build is even more like
Landgraf than her sire, and so much so, that I am in awe of
her.  To be started u/s in 2012, and headed for dressage!
CRISSA: '09 Hol/TB filly out of Phone Me Up.  Crissa
is shown here at her RPSI inspection with her silver
premium rating award, which was followed by her
branding and registration. Owned and Bred by Jeanne
Dupont of ID.
Chocolatier(Renamed Chisum): '08 Hol/Trak colt shown
here as a yearling gelding at his RPSI inspection with his owner Jennifer
Schuck.  He received his registration, brand and judges comments were
that had he still been a stud colt, he would have been high scoring horse
of the inspection.
4-19-2011 Hol/Appy Filly out of a Bold Roman Ruler mare named Mighty
Lilly Love Girl, owned and bred by Rosalyn Rasching.  Pictured here just
a couple hours old.  Born
4-24-2011 Hol/Appy Filly out of Plenty of April Love, shown here
at a couple hors old, also owned by Rosalyn Rasching.
A casual shot of Cris and I in 2010....hanging out together, enjoying each other's
company being pals. ;)   This is a good size reference of him, since I am 5'7".  
He's such a big sweetheart. He is well started under saddle, and has been since
he was 2 1/2 years old.  The pic to the right of him as a 3 year old is the only
pic I have of him with his trainer, as I was having camera issues at that time- all
the rest I had was video. His trainer thought very highly of him and used to tell
me he was "a big sexy stallion that everybody was just going to love."  Sexy??
Maybe to all the mares- not to me, but he was right, everybody does just love
him, and why wouldn't they when he's got the best combination of world
famous "Holsteiner Greats" anywhere in the country, and it is showing up in
every foal as proof of his greatness as an improvement sire.  
    While I only have outdated video cassette recording of him being ridden by
his trainer, I am working on getting that transferred to digital so I can post it for
everyone to view.  The same is true with our Appy stallions, Mr. Roman Tico
and Bold Roman Ruler.
    If I could find a qualified upper level, LOCAL dressage trainer to further him
in dressage, I would love to move him in that direction.  As it is, I have not
found that person, and will not send a priceless horse like him to just anybody.  
Do you know of somebody that I may have not found yet?  Just let me know~
Not pictured here are Tom Ordway's bay Hol/Irish Draught filly, and
Jim Marinakis's chestnut/blanketed Hol/Appy filly.  Both pics will be
posted when I receive them
7 years old