Bold Roman Ruler(Elliot)
Since Bold Roman Ruler(Elliot) is such a work of art, I have decided to post a lot of informal pics of him that
simply show how gorgeous all his spots are!  Working with this stallion is SO much fun because he is SO
gorgeous to look at that you don't even feel like you're working.  Its such a privilege to be able to work with
such a stunning creature because looking at him just makes you drool the whole time!  I have never worked
with a more gorgeous horse in my whole life and his "gentle as a kitten" nature makes it that much more
enjoyable.  I hope you enjoy the pictures I have posted of our gorgeous stallion that is my "second son". ;) I am
still trying to locate all the pics of me riding him and will post them when I find them.  Below are pics of me
starting him u/s as a 3 year old.
This picture is a bit deceiving about his height, as I'm wearing my
sorrels and standing on a little bank
Bold Roman Ruler(Elliot): Reg. ApHC, 16h, '01 black and white near-leopard Appy/TB
by Mr. Roman Tico, out of our now retired true black TB mare, Firey Dutchess.  Dutchess is by
Stormont, out of Miss De Boer with famous horses in her bloodlines like Bold Ruler, North End,
Bull Lea, and Haltafire.  
    Elliot is a refined Appaloosa with TB conformation, corrected by Tico to have more arch
through his higher set neck frame.  He would do well in things like hunter/jumpers and has 3
correct and powerful gaits.
    While Elliot is not a 100% color producer, he has produced about 85-90% color on
Appaloosa mares.  Since we have his fewspot sire for outcrossing to non-Appy mares, we will
only breed him to registered ApHC or ApSHA mares.
    Please check his foals page to see all the mega-color this stallion has produced.  His tendency
is to produce leopards and near-leopards, like himself, with big peacock spots.  He produces good
height, correct conformation on a good looking foal, and athleticism with his very kind
disposition.  He also tends to produce really nice looking heads with a large, pretty eye and
refined muzzle.
2012 Breeding Fee:
$600 pasture breeding or live cover only
Includes $200 Booking Fee, LFG
Reg. ApHC or Reg. ApSHA mares only.
$8 per day mare care
Spottica and Athens, (2)
'04 yearlings by Elliot
.  To
see his other foals, please
click on the link at the top of
the page.