Elliot's Foals
Spottica:' 04 16.0h black and white leopard mare out of
Trelawn Duster
Athens:  '04 Bay leopard colt out of
Princess Pica
Chennowith: '05 mostly black and white leopard with
peacock spots, gelding out of CJF Foxies Deelite.
Whitney Fox- '05 mare out of Our Foxy Lady. Chestnut roan with tiny stars
throughout, blaze and hind socks.
Bold Roman Fire- '06 red leopard filly out of
Trelawn Duster- full sister to Spottica.  Fire has Elliot's same
markings only in red instead of black.
Tico's War Bonnet; '05 bay near-leopard colt by Elliot, out of
Lilly, owned by Charlie and Allie of Spokane
Bold Roman Legacy:'06 black and white leopard filly out of White Fire Legacy, a foundation bred
black and white Appy mare.  Legacy is a stunning filly with 100% remarkable spotting that followed the
pattern of the hair.  This filly's pictures went around the USA over and over.  Now owned by Dianna Powell
of B.C.
SPIDER: '08 black and white near leopard
filly out of Jennifer DeWolf's Mare.
Zorro- 2010 black colt out of Rosalyn
Rasching's mare, Sheba
Bold Roman Oddysey: '08 bay leopard colt out of
Trelawn Duster.  Full brother to Spottica and Fire.
Arizona: '06 bay near-leopard filly out of
CJF Our Foxy Magic.
I am missing two pics of solid foals, one a filly named Elizabeth Bright, and another sorrel
colt, named Buzz Liteyear.  One other filly he had is Mighty Lilly Love girl, the mother to the
first foal on the "foals of 2011" page
Bold Roman Spitfire: 2011 Bay body blanketed filly out
of Hawk's Foxy Eyeopener.