Farm Pictures our 40 acre farm is currently for sale for $275K
40 acres of lush, rolling pastures with
every type of terrain and feature. Hay
fields, aspen groves, pine stands,
sub-irrigated pasture, seasonal creek,
pond, 1 steep hill, etc. Its an eventer's
dream training ground!
3 Extra Foaling stalls
Sub-irrigated lower pasture
These 2 pics show how our farm is
surrounded by mountains that are
owned by Forrest Capital. They are
about 3/4 mile ride up the road and
offer over 30,000 acres of logging
roads to ride.  A person could ride up
there for days and go to over 5
different mountain lakes for camping,
fishing, etc.
Above and below; Lower pasture
with the aspen grove,seasonal
creek and small pine stand, river
rock outcroppings, and sub-irrigated
Lower stallion paddocks(60' X 180') looking at the sub-irrigated pasture with
river rock outcroppings in the mid-right side.  Mares and foals in the pasture
that is just a heavenly, park like place to be.
These 2 pics are the taken from about the same location
Seasonal Creek
This is as good as it gets for mares
and foals!!
Trinity in the river rock section
of the lower pasture