Investor Wanted

Investor Wanted:
Sept. 24, 2010:

We are currently looking for an investor(s) for a horse/livestock shelter I have in Patent Pending status. The total
amount of capital I was looking for to begin the manufacturing of this shelter was $200-250K. However, I believe we
could get a little bit slower start and expand as the demand increases for around $50K.

I have the manufacturer, suppliers and shipping ready and waiting. They are an American company located and
working in the USA!!  That matters right now when we need to be creating jobs in this country.  The manufacturer
says my shelters likely be available for retail within a month's time. Capital needed immediately, as we would like to
be selling the shelters as soon as possible as we are getting alot of inquiries right now about them with winter on the
way.  Percentage of ownership/partnership is open to discussion, or we can just look at a loan interest rate and
payment terms.

Description: (Although serious inquiries will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) prior to disclosing
in-depth details, we can offer this much information about this invention to the general public:)

I am calling this shelter the Holaday Huts(HH). There is currently nothing like the HH in the entire world right now. I
consider this shelter to be the future of all shelters and it will set the standard for the way we will shelter our
horses/livestock for generations to come. I have Utility Patent Pending status on this shelter, as opposed to the
lesser protection from the regular patent. I am in the process of filing for International Patent protection on the HH as

The HH are revolutionary in their design and will impact the horse/cattle/livestock world in the same way that panels
have. While panels have offered instant, portable and safe fencing, and the HH will offer instant, portable, and safe
shelter for any animal from draft stallions or buffalo, to sheep and lambs.
They will make the sheltering of one or several animals amazingly simple and effective, while also being much more
affordable for the buyers than all the other sheltering ideas out there. If you've got panels, you will love the ability to
offer both instant containment AND shelter. In other words "instant facility" wherever you need it. Of course panels
are not required for the HH, as the HH really have nothing to do with panels. But, the overall practicality and ultimate
convenience of the HH is much the same as panels, and will become a staple for every person with horses or

I spent 6 years in college for engineering, physics, wildlife bio, and sociolgy. I designed the HH for someone like
myself. They are designed for one man/woman to be able to put up in less than one hour by his/herself. If the person
can lift a hay bale, they can put up a HH by themselves with no problem.
The HH are virtually indestructible, very sturdy, ultra-safe, less expensive than all the other shelters and kits out
there, they come in many different sizes and configurations, and they are portable, which means your property taxes
won't increase, no matter how many of them you have. (I know I could use about 30 of them right now and I'm only
one horseman!)

The HH are a shelter, and not a stall, so you can easily relocate them as often as you would like.  In the United
States, 94% of all horse owners are women. Not all horse owners are able to hire a carpenter to build shelters, or go
out and build shelters on their own. Building a safe shelter takes some serious carpentry skills-not to mention a lot of
help, time and building materials. But our horses/livestock still need and deserve shelter from the elements!  With a
$6 Billion dollar per year horse products industry, there is no shortage of buyers for these shelters. In fact, I think
they will actually be hard to keep in stock once people see how inexpensive and easy they are to put up. They are a
far cry from the flimsey canvas shelters, or the expensive metal kits that are just as hard to put up as the home built
shelter( ....that we are all trying to avoid in the first place!)  

My husband, like many others, tolerates horses but is not an avid horseman like I am. Hence, he has never been
excited to go out and build lots of horse shelters with me, and I can see why! Now, either one man or one woman can
put up a really great shelter, and will greatly appreciate their ease of use.  

The HH can be made permanent if so desired as well, but we will leave that up to the buyers, as the portable option
adds so many benefits.  Beyond horses, cattle, sheep, llamas, pigs, etc., the HH will be great for lawn equipment
storage, snowmobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, firewood, etc. Beyond the average household use, they also have
many applications for the military as temporary shelter, or emergency relief for people from natural disasters. The
market is endless, and that's in the US alone. We plan to go worldwide with the HHs after we have been selling

For those of you interested in buying a HH once we have them in production, just keep checking back on the website
as we will be updating progress reports on their production and sales. For potential investors, now is the time to jump
on board while investors are still needed!! We are still getting a ton of interest from people wanting to purchase and
distribute HHs once they are available.This is a highly lucrative investment opportunity. Email me and I will send an
NDA for potential investors to sign and we'll go from there.

If you are unable to invest, but know of someone who is looking for a stable investment in such tumultuous economic
times, please send them to us- we are 100% positive that this idea will take off like a wildfire once it is made available.

Thank you everyone!
Serious Inquiries Only Please
email Rene' C. Holaday at :