Miracle Son
Miracle Son-16.0h '03 Thoroughbred Stallion.
You rarely find the black TBs with 4 white socks/star  stripe, that is well bred, refined,  gorgeous, and is
also blessed with such a great disposition! He is not just intelligent, he is brilliant, and lovable to go
along with it.  
So far, he has been a consistent producer of 3-Day eventing type horses and hunters.  Several of his
foals have made it a common theme to clear 6' without batting an eye.  It seems that he passes on his
natural love of jumping really big obstacles and doing so fearlessly.
 In the first 5 generations of his pedigree is Bold Ruler, Caro, Olden Times, War Relic, and Mr.
Because Miracle has a high tendency to produce jumpers that can jump SO high
and so effortlessly, I give *special note* that Caro, sired 2 Olympic Jumpers, "Tashling" and
"Ping Pong", as well as a Kentucky Derby winner, "Winning Colors".
Between the 6th and 10th generations are 10 crosses to Man O War, 6 crosses to Nasrullah, 4 crosses
to Bull Dog, Count Fleet, Princequillo, and St. Simon. Check out his 5 generation pedigree by clicking
on the blue link in the mid left hand side of this page, accompanied by some of the pics of famous
stallions in his bloodlines. So he's bred to run-we're just not into racing!
He has an elegant build and refined beautiful head with large eyes.  He has an effortless sailing gallop,
and a lovely dressage type trot. Miracle jumps logs all the time in the pasture when he doesn't have to.
He jumps for the fun of it. We think his greatest ability(other than racing and breeding) lies in jumping.
His offspring are also showing alot of upper level type jumping ability with athleticism and energy to be
great in eventing. His colt Dance in Rome is showing phenomenal natural ability and boldness to excell
as a 3 day eventer, with the fearless desire to go for the really "big scary stuff".
Miracle is an excellant contributor to our breeding program, but we are also interested in partnering with
an well qualified hunter/jumper trainer to help Miracle reach his full potential.
Miracle is currently 16.0h. Shown here as a 5 year old. He has a VERY nice temperment and is very
interactive with people.

Breeding Fee: $550 with a $250 non-refundable booking fee included. All fees due prior to first cover.
Pasture or hand breeding. Really nice stallion with the mares, who was raised with mares, foals and
other geldings, and therefore has excellant manners with the mares.
Check out his filly by Miracle,
"Mirubin".  This filly/mare is quite
the driven jumper, as her trainer
says if she is turned into the arena
with a jump in it, she will go straight
for it.  This filly is just another
example of Miracle's ability to pass
on his enthusiasm for jumping.  
She has nice tight form too.  I didn't
even know Mira was a jumper
while she was here at our farm- it
was a surprise to me when her
trainer told me about it recently!  
This awesome filly is located in
Auburn, WA and is for sale on
Dreamhorse.com for $6,500.  She
is currently being started under
saddle and is a gorgeous 1/2
Trakehner mare that will do very
well at her RPSI inspection in the
fall. More info on Mira is on the
"Youngsters" page on this site.
video clip on dreamhorse.com: