Mr. Roman Tico's Foals
There are a few pics of foals that I no longer have like Tico's fewspot filly named Abby, or Tico's black bay snowcap filly named Aspen
Glory.  If I can recover them at some point, I will surely post them here. ;)  2012 will be a big foal year for Tico as he has been bred to
several very tall TB mares, and one National Show Horse mare.
Royal Roman- out of Casa Dancer(TB) pictured here
at 11 months.
RIOT- Out of Heidi Spaaten(Appy/Hanoverian) pictured
here as a yearling.
Bold Roman Ruler(Elliot)-out of Firey
Trinity-out of Firey Dutchess(TB) 16.0+ full sister to Elliot
Mr. Stormy Monday- out of Bill Huff's Appy mare in ID.
A Higher Power- out of Casa Dancer(TB)
Star Lit Dancer-out of Casa Dancer(TB)(above) 16.2h,
"the best moving American-bred mare to date-including the
Adam-Out of Phantom Star(Reg.Friesian) This colt looks
just like "Mr. Magic Straw" in Tico's pedigree.
Winter Dancer-out of Sassy Talker(TB)16.0h
Morning Star-out of CJF Foxies Dee
Roman Escapade: out of Kaniksus Kitty(ApHC)
Tana- out of Kaniksus Kitkat(ApHC)
Roman Winterhawk-out of Hawk's Foxy
Eyeopener(ApHC) this colt has a couple croup spots and
roaned out much like Pepper, below. He now works as a
pony horse at the track in Portland
Tico's Tempest-out of a Stonewall Sporthorse
Percheron/Appy mare in Indiana.  She has since moved to
Lady Ann-out of "Our Classic Lady"(black 16.3h TB) owned
by Jim Marinakis of FLA
Roman Peppermint(Pepper)-out of Patty
Holaday Hunter-'01 Appy/TB gelding out of
"Phone Me Up". Hunter pictured here at 9 yrs old and
16.0+h. This was Tico's very first foal! This horse
would make a fabulous 3-Day eventer and is now for
sale. Owned and ridden extensively in the mountains
by a professional natural horsemanship trainer in WA.