Blessed Are The Broodmares!
Jasmine's Gem(above): 2002 TB by "The Good
Life", out of "I Can Still Dance".  Granddaughter of Seattle
Slew, Marshua's Dancer, and Caro.  This mare is bred to
the hilt! 17.0h, black type, won over $55K on the track in
CA- such a stunning and kind mare that proved to be an
incredible athlete. Ultrasounded in foal to Tico for 2012.
Mystic Contessa: 1990 TB by Mysterious Count,
out of Mistaker. 16.2h Chestnut.  Approved ISR
Oldenburg, Main Mare Book.  We had wanted to
breed this mare to Tico, but I think we will move
her into retirement instead.
Miss J Lightening: 1998 TB. 16.3h dark bay. By
Jazzing Around, out of McKala Miss.  Stakes
winning mare.  Ultrasounded in foal to Mr. Roman
Tico for 2012.
Prindello: 1998 TB.15.3h blood bay. by Jumron,
out of Itsagenderthing.  Multi-stakes winning mare,
gorgeous Arabian-like conformation . Confirmed in
foal to Tico for 2012.
Casa Dancer(Sissy): 1997 TB 16.2h, blood bay.  By Casa Dante, out of
Do's Gent. "Broodmare extraordinaire".  Dam of Star Lit Dancer, A Higher
Power(Whispers of a Native), Celebration Dance, and Royal Roman.  Marshua's
Dancer granddaughter.  Every foal this mare produces is the best of the best in
competition. Produces extreme upper level dressage ability.  Huge extended trot,
amazing,gorgeous girl. Bred back to Tico for 2012, not yet confirmed.
Mackee's Star: 1997 TB. 16.0h, black bay mare with a
blaze.  Daughter of Black Mackee, out of Star Act.  Multi-Stakes
winner.  This is one sweetpea mare! To be bred to Mr. Roman
Tico for 2012.
Hawk's Foxy Eyeopener: 1998 ApHC, 15.3h,
bay near-leopard with peacock spots.  Wapiti
bloodlines.  Dressage type mare.  Dam of Caruso.  
Just had a gorgeous loud filly by Bold Roman Ruler.
Spottica: 2004 ApHC 16.0h, black and white leopard
with peacock spots. By Bold Roman ruler, out of
Trelawn Duster.  Priceless mare. Bred to Cris Kringle
for her first foal that will be due in 2012.
Bold Roman Fire: 2006 ApHC, 16.0h, red and
white leopard with peacock spots.  By Bold
Roman Ruler, out of Trelawn Duster.  Bred to
Cris Kringle for 2012 baby, and this will be her
Sultan's Arianna: Reg. National Show Horse mare.  
15.3h chestnut.  "Supreme Sultan"(American Saddlebred)
granddaughter, by Sultan's Knight, out of MHR
Maylene(Arabian). Exquisite mare to be bred to Tico or Cris.
Trinity: 2005 ApHC 16.0+h. Appy/TB, full sister to Bold Roman Ruler.  Bay
near-leopard with peacock spots by Mr. Roman Tico, out of Firey Dutchess.
Has been bred to Cris Kringlefor a 2012 foal.
Cristal: 2008 Appy/Hol, 15.2h by Cris Kringle, out
of Zany's Doubletake.  Black or black bay with body
blanket and spots, 4 socks and Cris's blaze.
Broodmare to be when she is old enough in 2012-
only a yearling in this pic.
Chimsique: 2008 Appy/Hol. 15.3-16.0h black bay
by Cris Kringle, out of Patty Peppermint.
Broodmare to be when she is old enough in 2012.
Holaday Ginger: Reg. FHHSI, 2004
Friesian/Trakehner. 15.3h. blood bay by Donius(Approved
Cdn Friesian, out of Tygress(Trak).  Bloodlines include
Rubin, Flaneur, Maharadscha.  Dam of Crispin(Camden),
and Alexander.  Will be bred back to Cris Kringle in 2011.
Produces outstanding upper level dressage prospects.  
Pictured here with Alexander only a couple hours old.  In foal
to Miracle son for 2012 foal.
Tygress: 1990 Reg. Cdn
Trakehner. 15.3h blood bay
roan by Rubin, out of JA
Halima Sabrina(AHR).  This
mare's lineage is Rubin by
Flaneur, by Maharadscha.
Her Arab side is Cdn Nat'l
Champions.  Superb
producer.  Dam of Holaday
Ginger, Mirubin,
Chamberlain, Chocolatier,
and Chamonix.  Tygress
has been nothing short of a
dream mare to own-purely a
lovely girl.  We have decided
to retire this mare.
Phantom Star(Evie):
'05 Reg. FPZV 15.3h Friesian mare
by Laes, out of a German bred
Friesian  mare, Eva Maria. Great
imported German bloodlines full of
award winners and Bundes
Champions.  Evie is the Dam of
"Adam" on the 2009 foals page, and
"Rheinder Walter" on the foals of
2011 page.  When we bought Evie,
she was not intended to be a
broodmare, and we planned for her
to be more of our riding horse/show
horse, but this girl will clear 3-4
consecutive fences and/or panel
gates in one bout to get in with the
stallion of
her choice!  She's clearly  
too smart to be contained if she
doesn't want to be, and who said
Friesians aren't jumpers?  Boy, all
my Friesians and crosses can jump
the moon!  :()   We dearly love this
mare and she is true treasure to
Zany's Double Take(Elsie): '02 15.2h
black/white ApHC mare bred by the Nez Perce.
By Truly Romantic, out of Xanadu. Elsie is the
dam of Lizzy, Cristal, and Chelaine.  Uphill
build, dressage type mover
CRESTLINE'S JEWEL:  '96 TB, by Hardball Bill, out of Crestline. "Main Mare
Book" RPSI mare. Very well bred, 17.0h, true black mare that we purchased in
Arlington, Kansas.  Pictured here on the day after her arrival on 7-7-11.  This is one
gorgeous creature with a sweet disposition and refined, elegant build.  She will be a
fabulous complement to Mr. Roman Tico for a 2012 foal.
Trelawn Duster: '93 ApHC mare by Prince Poco Bar, out of Cool
Duster.  Dam of Spottica, Bold Roman Fire, and Bold Roman
Odyssey(Simon).  Pictured here with Simon.  In foal to Bold Roman Ruler
for a 2012 foal. This mare is very well bred with Prince Plaudit bloodlines
combined with racing quarter horse and also TB.  She is like Tico, in that
she is an excellant combination of Appy, TB, and AQHA, with a ton of
dressage potential and the ability to put color on top of more color.  Worth
her weight in gold as a broodmare!
Cordova True
16.2h Canadian bred
ApHC mare by Tax
Man's Bar, out of Ms
Blazin One. "T.C." is
a remarkable, tall,
very well built,
tri-colored Appy mare
with a "gentle as a
kitten" disposition.
She puts the really
BIG spots onto her
foals and she is now
in foal to Cris Kringle
for a 2012 foal.