Cris Kringle's Pedigree
Calibur- Cris's Sire. Approved  Holsteiner
Verband Stallion at stud in Germany. 16.1h
Bloomkin- Cris's Dam.  15.3h Black
Holsteiner mare, Competed successfully
in dressage in Eastern Canada.  
Caretino- 1983 16.2  Holsteiner Verband Stallion.  
Winner of his 100 day Stallion test. International Show
jumper. He is known for passing on his natural jumping
and dressage abilities.  One of Germany's best
Holsteiner stallions.
Caletto II- 1977 German Holsteiner
Verband.  The best son of Cor De La Bryere'.
Winner of his stallion licensing, considered to
be the "Perfect Holsteiner Type.  Cris's
current(mature) conformation most closely
resembles this stallion.
LANDGRAF I: Holsteiner Stallion that is
considered worldwide to be "
The Stallion of
the Century".  
Look at where the base of his
neck connects to his shoulder and run a
straight line to his point of hip- its almost level.  
That is one of the major contributors to his
jumping ability, as well as allowing him to reach
well underneath himself from behind- allowing
great dressage ability as well.  
Cor De La Bryere: Hol Stallion
reknowned for his world class jumping ability, as
well as the ability to pass it on to his foals. If
anybody would fall directly beneath Landgraf I,
this is likely the guy to be #2 in history.
Furioso II: Since everyone knows this stallion, as well as
his sire, I'll just point out that I think this is where Cris gets his
color recessive gene.  Furioso II was known for his spot under
his ribs, and this is a "color indicator" that we now see on
breeders of Sabino and all white TBs.
Celia- Black Hol mare.  Very nice Hol. conformation!
Successful dressage mare. Cris's grandma on his dam's
side. His dam was black also, or at least as close to black
as you can get with Holsteiners.
Ladykiller: Sire of Landgraf I,
and Lord.  That's an impressive