For Your Consideration.....
Royal Roman- (left)Massive 2010
bay, near leopard stud colt. Reg.
Appy/TB.  By Mr. Roman Tico(ApHC),
out of Casa Dancer(16.2h TB).  Full
brother to Star Lit Dancer, who was
referred to as "the best moving
American-bred mare to date, including
all the warmbloods", according to her
dressage trainer/owner from New
York. Royal has her great way of
moving also, so he's the complete
package. This colt is not for the
average buyer, but the professional
horseman looking for an outstanding
   It looks like this colt will mature
around 17.0h, possibly taller. This colt
is taller than his full sister who
matured at 16.2+.  Another 1/2 brother
that is marked similarly to him is now
16.3h as a 3 year old. Shown here as
a yearling.  
 Stallion prospect extraordinaire, and
upper level dressage prospect for the
competitor that wants to stand out and
be remembered.  
    Royal will also have haloes around
all his spots like his 1/2 brother Bold
Roman Ruler(who is our junior Appy
stallion).  So he is going to be simply
remarkable to look at when he is
mature!  Many more pics on the foals
of 2010 page/Royal's page.  This colt
is for the serious breeder and
competitor.  $15,000 obo.
Adam: '09 Friesian/Appy colt. By
Mr. Roman Tico, out of our Reg.
Friesian mare, Phantom Star(Evie),
who has outstanding lineage out of
Germany.  Adam is a
with alot of growing left
to do!  He is getting more massive
as the months roll by.  These pics
don't do him any justice. He is now
starting to develop the big archey,
massive Friesian neck like his
grandfather, "Laes".  His size and
movement are becoming more and
more impressive all the time.  This
colt is unfolding into an
outstanding creature!!  Such a
great combination of dispositions
and conformation, as both sire and
dam have very similar builds and
quiet dispositions. He is going to
be at least 16.0h.  He's about 15.3+
as a 2 yr old.  Very gentle, calm,
and quiet disposition that will make
a fantastic "splashy" dressage
partner.    He is jet black with a big
star, handsome Friesian type
conformation, lots of mane and tail,
pretty head, great legs and feet.  
Leads, loads himself. Imprinted,
handled gently since birth, well
cared for. As a registered Friesian
Sporthorse stallion, EVERY foal he
produces will be eligible for registry
with the Friesian Sporthorse
registry or FHHSI. Price just
increased to $15,000. Payments
accepted on contract.  Casual
roundpen clip:
Alexander the Great: '09 Reg. FHHSI Warmblood bay colt that is a
Friesian/Trakehner/TB/Appy. By Dance in Rome, out of Holaday Ginger.  Pictured here as a
yearling. This colt is a special friend with a very kind, easy going disposition.  He puts a
smile on your face because of his great friendly nature.  He leads, ties, loads himself, trims,
plays with tarps, etc.  He will even teach your other horses to load into the trailer because
he thinks its fun.  He is a total character that will make you giggle! :()  I swear he has a
sense of humor!  He is also a mid-upper level dressage prospect with a big way of moving.  
I have bred alot of really phenomenal horses, but this kid will steal your heart and you'll look
forward to seeing him each day-not every horse is like that!  We will be sure to pick a fun,
kind, upbeat, and capable rider for this fella that will provide a permanent show home,
because he deserves a great person.  
Caruso: '08 Hol/Appy gelding.  By Cris
Kringle, out of Hawk's Foxy
This colt is kind of standard
looking and you may not think much just looking at
him standing still, but then you watch him
move....WOW!! Your jaw drops because he is the
most amazing, light-off-the-ground mover!  He
moves as though he is weightless!  I can't recall a
horse that I have seen that moves like he does.  I
will post video soon- you will be in awe of this colt,
because he just seems to keep getting better and
better all the time as he heads toward maturity.
Will finish around 16.1-.2. Sire's breeding is
chalked full of nearly every famous Holsteiner, and
has Wapiti breeding from the Appy side-perfect
Appy Sport Horse combination.  We can register
this colt with ApSHA for you before he leaves, or
you can have him inspected for RPSI next fall
where he will get a 1/2 brand and white RPSI
registration papers.  This colt will score VERY
high.  Upper level dressage prospect that is flashy
and light as a feather!!  This exceptionally well
bred colt is kind hearted and easy to teach.  For
the serious dressage competitor looking for some
flash! He will be very light off the aids, as he has
lots of sensible energy, while also being totally
willing with a kind soul. Light red leopard, currently
16.0h.  This colt is a dear love. Leads, ties, likes to
show off for you and have fun interacting with you.  
It looks like he will also think jumping is fun.
Started under saddle since recently, and he is
doing SO well- very positive, willing colt that wants
to go out and explore his surroundings with his
rider.  $14,000 obo price negotiable to an upper
level dressage home.
This sales list was last
updated on 11-10-11.  
Our prices are open to
negotiation to professional
trainers and breeders.  
We also take into
consideration, permanent
homes that show on a
regular basis. Its less
about the money and
more about the quality of
care,  home, and rider.
More than anything, we
want to see our
youngsters out there
being actively shown, so
that holds alot of weight in
any offer. We also sell
most of our horses
through our payment plan,
so don't be shy about
offers, and/or needing to
make payments- its the
norm these days! ;()
"Mr. Roman Tico" -16.0h Reg. ApHC & ApSHA
"Phantom Star"(Evie) - 15.3h Reg. FPZV
Mr. Roman Tico-(Royal's sire) 16.0h ApHC
Casa Dancer-(Royal's dam)  16.2h Reg.TB
Cris Kringle- 16.+ Hol(pictured here @ 3 yrs)  
Hawk's Foxy Eyeopener- 15.3 Reg. ApHC
Bold Roman
Reg.'08 ApHC Stud colt. By
Bold Roman Ruler, out of
Trelawn Duster. This is a
really nice guy with a quiet
trusting type personality. I
just hate to think of gelding
this colt because he is
such a neat kid.  
Impeccibly bred colt!
15.3h, ready to go to the
trainer to be started under
saddle, and his price
includes 60 days with our
professional trainer. With
your down-payment on this
colt, we will haul him to the
trainer and have him
started.  If you need a
stallion, this horse would
be a major color producer
with Plaudit bloodlines
added to racing AQHA and
TB. Full brother to Spottica
and Bold Roman Fire.   
Will do well in english or
western events, as he is
built like an all-around type
horse.  Nicely built, correct
throughout, and has a
dressage way of moving
like his dam, who has a
marveloous extended
"hoof flicking" trot.
His price will increase if
we send him to the trainer
before he is sold. He will
also be gelded in
September if not sold.
$4,500 obo.
Congratulations! to Donna  
Evens of Ellensburg, WA who
trains and rides dressage and
Rheinder Walter-  Born
7-14-2011. Friesian/TB colt by Miracle
Son-pictured right-(Reg.TB), out of
Phantom Star-pictured above- (Reg.
FPZV).  Big, jet black colt with a 3/4
circle star on his forehead.  This colt is
going to be a gorgeous moving athlete
with an astounding topline, excellant
uphill build, and gorgeous arch
through the neck.  He will do well in
jumping and dressage, as both
parents are great jumpers-(yes, even
his dam), and the dressage aspect is
a given with this cross.  He is a
medium-heavy build with a lovely
disposition.  Pictured here at 2 months
old.  True black but shedding out his
baby fur in this shot.  We are offering a
temporary low price on this colt that
will start increasing on October 1st, in
an effort to get him sold before we get
so attached to him, which isn't hard
with this handsome boy! ;)  Asking
$3,500 and we will take payments on
contract if he stays here until
completely paid for.  
Tsjalling 235 X Heike M
Miracle Son-Reg. TB true black, 16.0h,
spectacular stadium type jumper that can
clear 6' with plenty of room to spare-sweet
disposition and gorgeous too!