Mr. Roman Tico

Mr. Roman Tico, '98 ApHC & ApSHA  16.0h,  Blue Roan
fewspot/snowcap.  %100 MEGA color producer on ANY
mare.  If you don't want to gamble with the possibility of
getting a solid colored foal, Tico is the GUARANTEE that
your money will not be wasted.  Sire of "Bold Roman
Ruler" and many other remarkable foals.  Tico was bred
by Bill and Bonnie Ewing from the Nez Perce Reservation
in Idaho.   Tico produces the mare's conformation type
and the height of the taller parent.  He adds great color,  
suspension to movement, a bit more  muscle, bone and
hoof. His disposition produces a quieter foal on the "hot"
or high strung mares-perfect for Appaloosa Sport Horses!!  
We feel Tico is worth his weight in gold for our breeding
program and we offer a LCFG. Check out his new foals on
the foal pages.  Tico is color dominant, which allows for
us to breed to TB and warmblood mares to produce loud
colored, gorgeous foals, and we couldn't be luckier to
have a color recessive Holsteiner stallion in Cris Kringle.  
So we have a "miracle combination" of color producing
stallions on our farm that allows us to produce loud color
and keep it with our warmblood crosses that are nothing
short of remarkable.
2012 Fee- $850 Includes $250 non-refundable          
               booking fee.  Cooled shipped semen         
               add $150 + shipping & equitainer             
                deposit.   Live cover, pasture breeding,
        or AI.  $8 per day Mare Care.
Winter Dancer-(ABOVE)Tico's 1st '05 baby. Out of Sassy Talker, a
black bay TB mare.  Now there's some splashy color.  Tico tends to
produce his loudest color on the black and black/bay non-Appy mares.
This colt was bought by Angela Sonenaa and shown hunter in hand
many times, and placed first every time. Angela double registered him
with the United States Eventing Association as she is planning an
eventing career with Winter.
Take a look at Tico's foal page to see all
the color types he produces.  He does
not typically produce roans, nor do his
foals roan out and lose their nice
coloration unless it's a foal from a bay
non-Appy mare, then they are roans and
get alot more colorful as they get older.  
He typically stamps alot of peacock
spots, leopards, spotted blankets, etc.  
only dark contrast colors so far. So
even though he doesn't have alot of
spots himself, that is what he produces.  
He has alot of peacock spotted leopards
in his background, and you can see it in
everything he produces.  
When you
can't afford to breed non-colored
Appys, Tico is the way to go to reach
your breeding goals!
 Check out pics
of his sire and dam on his pedigree page.
STAR LIT DANCER-(ApHC/TB) 16.2+h '03 Filly By Tico, out of Casa
Dancer(TB).  Star is the most amazing mover!  She was complimented in New York
as being the "Best moving American Bred mare to date!" (Including warmbloods)
Star has a mega powerhouse trot with suspension that is unbelievable.  Her trotting
stride lengthens to about 15'- which is just remarkable.  She is now owned by Pam
Tooker of New York, who placed 5th in the Nation in 3 Day eventing in 2009, and she
was competing against Olympic horses too.  Pam has retired that mare and has
bought Star to be her one and only replacement.  Star and Pam work with 3 different
trainers each week and will begin showing in 2010.  We are so excited for both of
them! Star is also the dam of "Chianti", by Cris Kringle.  Chianti, a bay '08 filly with a
spotted hip blanket, stockings and a blaze,  has even outdone her dam with her grand
prix dressage ability, and is owned by long time Hanoverian trainer, Lisa Holley, who
says Chianti is so spectacular she can't even find words to adequately describe her!  
Chianti is our first cross between an App/TB Tico filly and Cris Kringle.  Lisa plans to
take her all the way through FEI, but I think she could easily go through Grand Prix or
even higher.......  Chianti was beating huge classes of pure warmbloods in New York
and placing 1st in every in hand show she was in.
ADAM(Above) Friesian/App colt by Tico, out of
Reg. Friesian mare, Phantom Star-black with
spotted blanket/star.