This page is for kids(4-legged) just
getting started or not quite old
enough to be doing anything exciting
yet ;()
RIOT: '06 Appy/Trak/Han gelding by Mr. Roman Tico, out
of Heidi Spaten.  Riot is pictured here in 2010 as a 4 year
old being started under saddle, and as a weanling.  He is
now 16.3h and is owned by Tess Hardy and lives in Ontario,
Canada. Tess works in the movie/films industry, and his
dam has been in a couple movies so far(in the background),
so you may see Riot there eventually as well some day! ;)  
Tess is also a seasoned eventer, so Riot will no doubt be
doing a wide variety of exciting things with her.  
Riot with his dam, Heidi Spaten
Mira as a yearling
Mira as a 3 year old in our pasture
Mirubin-'06 Trak/TB mare.  By Miracle Son, our extreme jumper, out of Tygress, our Reg. Cdn Trak
Rubin/Flaneur/Maharadscha bred mare.  Mira is now in Auburn, WA with our training/sales partner on the coast.  She
asked me if I knew that Mira could jump, and I said no, I had never set up a jump for her, and I had only seen her go over a
low log or two at our farm.  As it turns out, she can't keep Mira away from the jumps in turnout!  Boy has this girl got her
sire's desire to jump!  Mira is being started under saddle and is for sale on for $6,500.  Check out Mira's
clip on this link:
Chianti(Kahneeta)-'08 Hol/Appy mare by Cris Kringle, out of
Star Lit Dancer(by Mr. Roman Tico, out of Casa Dancer).  
Kahneeta is so COOL!  She won everything in New York, and now
she lives in OR with her owner/dressage trainer, Lisa Holley.  
Check out this youtube clip of Kahneeta on her 4th ride under
saddle- what a darling!